In Memoriam

Dr. Pavlo Maksiutenko passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, December 10th. Pavlo was a research associate in the Astrochemistry group, and he is deeply missed by all  group members. Pavlo was a brilliant scientist, who spearheaded the development of our most ambitious ice experiment to date: SPACETIGER, which is a testament to his innovative and creative mind. Indeed there was hardly a week without Pavlo making a new technical innovation, and his complete work put him at the absolute forefront of laboratory astrochemistry.

Pavlo was much more than an exceptionally talented experimentalist, however. He was one of the kindest people I have met, and I will always treasure my memories of his generous heart and his wry sense of humor. Pavlo was also a phenomenal mentor to students and other young scientists, and deeply impacted many in our group. He was a wonderful colleague and friend. He is profoundly missed.

  • Pavlo contemplates SPACETIGER SM
  • Pavlo masters SPACETIGER SM
  • Pavlo and chocolate
  • Pavlo Solar Eclipse SM
  • Pavlo and fluff SM